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Code No. 708.2 Bus Service Within City Limits

The mission of the transportation department is to provide safe and reliable school transportation to eligible students.  The school district will endeavor to provide transportation services in such a way that all students are treated with due consideration.

The school district will designate one or more bus stops in each of the cities served by the school district where eligible resident students will be picked up and dropped off.  The school district will not provide a school bus stop at a student’s residence where transportation service may be adequately provided for a student by using the regular designated stop.

The school district may consider adding a school bus stop for an eligible student residing within a city when necessary to protect the student from an unreasonably unsafe walk to a regular bus stop.  “Unreasonably unsafe” circumstances may include those where (1) there is no reasonably close access to a sidewalk, and (2) there is no reasonably close access to a city street.  (“Reasonably close” for purposes of this description would be a distance of 300 ft (100 yards) or less, or a direct connection of the student’s residence via a private driveway to a sidewalk or city street.)

A determination of a student’s qualification under this policy will be made on a case by case basis and will be subject to the exclusive discretion of the superintendent or designee.  Decisions regarding a student’s qualification also are subject to change.  As sidewalks and city streets are added, for example, a student may be re-assigned to the regular bus stop.

It is not the intent of this policy to establish house to house bus service within the city limits.  Rather, for those resident students who qualify under this policy, a bus stop will be established that will help provide reasonable and safe transportation service.


Revised/Reviewed: November 25, 2019