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Code No. 704.2 Payment for Goods and Services

The board authorizes the issuance for payment of claims against the school district for goods and services.  The board will allow the payment after the goods and services have been received and accepted in compliance with board policy.

The board authorizes the board secretary, upon approval of the board president, to issue payment for verified bills, for reasonable and necessary expenses, when the board is not in session.  The board secretary will examine the claims and verify the bills.  The board will approve the bills at its next regular meeting.

The secretary will determine to the secretary’s satisfaction that the claims presented to the board are in order and are legitimate expenses of the school district.  It is the responsibility of the secretary to bring claims to the board.

The board president and board secretary may each sign warrants by use of a signature plate or rubber stamp corresponding to their own signature, but the board secretary shall neither sign nor stamp on behalf of the board president.  If the board president is unavailable to personally sign warrants, the vice president may sign warrants on behalf of the president.

The board shall only in the case of absolute necessity issue warrants for which there are no funds available for the payment of such warrants.  If warrants are issued for which there are no funds available for payment, the treasurer shall institute such procedures as stated in the Code of Iowa.


Approved:  January 18, 1999

Revised/Reviewed: November 25, 2019