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Code No. 707.2 Lunch Account Balances

Recognizing that a child may have a deficit during the time a note is being sent home and the return of money for a child's lunch account, the Board will allow a deficit of $10.00 in a child's account (or $15.00 for a family account) at any one time.  Payment reminders for preschool through twelfth grade students with a balance below $5.00 will be sent home daily.  Additionally, oral reminders will be given by the point-of-sale operator for seventh through twelfth grade students with any negative balance

When an individual reaches a $10.00 deficit balance or a family reaches a $15.00 deficit balance, parents will be contacted by the lunch secretary via phone or e-mail to set up a payment date, plan, or to assist the parents in applying for free or reduced lunches.  If the lunch secretary does not receive payment or response from a parent, the principal will be asked to contact the parent.  Students in grades seven through twelve whose lunch account has reached a $20.00 deficit balance will not be served a meal or a la carte items unless payment arrangements have been made.  Students in grades seven through twelve who qualify for free lunch whose lunch account as reached a $5.00 deficit balance will not be able to purchase a la carte items.

Students will not be allowed to use PIN numbers from other students or purchase another student’s lunch using their account.

If continued efforts on the part of the district to collect the deficit balance fails, the district may refer the account to local law enforcement and/or the district’s legal counsel for further action. 


Approved:  March 19, 2001

Revised/Reviewed: November 25, 2019