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Code No. 603.8 Career Education

Preparing students for careers is one goal of the education program.  Career education will be written into the education program for grades kindergarten through twelve.  This education shall include, but not be limited to, awareness of self in relation to others and the needs of society, exploration of employment opportunities, experiences in personal decision-making, and experiences of integrating work values and work skills into students’ lives.

The school district, through its educational philosophy and the adoption of instructional goals, provides educational opportunities that will enable every student to develop to their full potential by:

  1. Ensuring that instruction is relevant to real-life concerns of students.
  2. Providing all opportunities to explore the knowledge, skills, technical requirements, working conditions, and political and social environments and responsibilities of the career fields that are open to them.
  3. Providing guidance services adequate to ensure that every student gains expert help in assessing his/her personal interests, aptitudes, and abilities, in making career choices, and in planning an appropriate educational program.
  4. Providing a pre-kindergarten through grade twelve curriculum that incorporates the total concept of career education and will allow all students to prepare for the occupational fields of their choice by acquiring knowledge and skills that will help them to:
    1. obtain entry-level employment in jobs not requiring advance training, and
    2. continue education and training in post-high school institutions or in business and industry.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent and/or designee to assist licensed employees in finding ways to provide career education in the education program.  Special attention should be given to courses of vocational education nature.  The board, in its review of the curriculum, shall review the means in which career education is combined with other instructional programs.


Approved:  October 19, 1998

Revised/Reviewed: April 23, 2018