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Code No. 600 Statement of Guiding Principles

The Board of Directors recognizes its obligation and duty to provide an educational program equally available to all young people of the school district.  The Board of Directors believes that all children should have the opportunity to be educated to the full extent of their abilities, aptitudes, capabilities, and interests through a program that recognizes and provides for the individual differences of all children of the school district.  Innovation and change, based upon thorough research, study, deliberation, and evaluation shall be encouraged.

The curriculum content and instructional materials utilized shall reflect the diversity present in the United States and the variety of careers, roles, and life styles in our society.  The curriculum should foster respect and appreciation for the diversity found in our country and an awareness of the contributions that members of various minorities have contributed to the overall growth and development of the United States.


Approved:  October 19, 1998

Revised/Reviewed:   February 27, 2023