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Code No. 603.2 Summer School Instruction

The school district’s summer school program shall be conducted in such buildings, on such grade levels, for such lengths of time as the board, upon the recommendation of the superintendent, may determine.  The summer school program exists to provide an extension of the school programs and philosophies.  Toward this end the following objectives are strived for throughout the program.  The summer school program shall be designed so that the following purposes or objectives may be met:

  1. Diversity in learning by offering a variety of courses through various methods and innovations designed to broaden student knowledge and understanding;
  2. Enrichment and extension of the program provided during the regular academic year designed to raise individual student achievement;
  3. Remedial work designed to raise individual student achievement consistent with the PASS program.
  4. Driver education.
  5. Special education extended year program.


Approved:  October 19, 1998

Revised/Reviewed: February 27, 2023