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Code No. 507.2R1 Administration of Medication to Students Regulation

No over-the-counter medication shall be administered at school, unless the school has the parent/guardian's permission. 

Prescription medication will be dispersed to students during a school day only if the following requirements are met:

  1. Medication must be in the original container, from the pharmacy with the directions clearly stated.  This serves two purposes: signifies permission from the doctor and includes directions from the pharmacist.  Pharmacists will supply another labeled container for school upon request when the prescription is filled.  NO BAGGIES OR ENVELOPES WILL BE ACCEPTED AT SCHOOL.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the medication is current and that all information regarding the medication is current.
  2. Parents/guardians must give written authorization for the administration of the medication.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided to the district, including, but not limited to the written authorization, is current.

Students are to bring all medications to the school office immediately upon their arrival at school.Students are not to carry over-the-counter medications with them during the school day unless approved by the school nurse.Students are not to carry prescription medication with them during the school day unless ordered by the physician and cleared by the school nurse.

Medication on school premises shall be kept in a locked container in a limited access storage space.Only appropriate personnel shall have access to the locked container.Each school or facility shall designate in writing the specific locked and limited access space within each building to store pupil medication.More specifically, the following requirements shall be followed:

  1. In each building in which a full-time registered nurse is assigned, access to medication locked in a designated space shall be under the authority of the nurse.
  2. In each building in which a less than full-time registered nurse is assigned, access to the medication shall be under the authority of the principal.

Iowa law requires school districts to allow students with asthma or other airway constricting diseases to carry and self-administer their medication as long as the parents and prescribing physician report and approve in writing.  Students do not have to prove competency to the school district.

Emergency protocols for medication-related reactions shall be posted.

A written medication administration record shall be on file, including:

  • date;
  • student's name;
  • prescriber or person authorizing administration;
  • medication;
  • medication dosage;
  • administration time;
  • administration method;
  • signature and title of the person administering medication; and
  • any unusual circumstances, actions, or omissions.

Medication information shall be confidential information and shall be available to school personnel with parental authorization.

The superintendent/designee shall be responsible, in conjunction with the school nurse, to develop rules and regulations governing the administration of medication, prescription and non-prescription, to students.  Students and parents/guardians shall be provided with the requirements for medication procedures by the school annually.


Revised/Reviewed: February 25, 2019