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Code No. 505.5 Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete the courses required by the board and Iowa Department of Education in order to graduate.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to ensure that students complete grades one through twelve and that high school students complete 50 credits prior to graduation.  The following credits will be required:

                        Language Arts                             8     credits

                        Science                                         6     credits

                        Mathematics                                6     credits

                        Social Studies                              6     credits

                        Physical Education                      8     semesters

                        Health                                          1     credit

                        Life Skills                                    1     credit

                        Financial Literacy                        1___credit

                                                Electives                                      13   credits

The required courses of study will be reviewed by the Board annually.

Graduation requirements for special education students will be in accordance with the prescribed course of study as described in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

Credits for Foreign Study

Interstate 35 Community School students who choose to travel abroad for foreign study may attend classes in a foreign country and receive credit toward graduation under the following conditions:

  1. Course length and contact hours shall be approximately the same as if taken in the Interstate 35 School District.
  2. If an elective course, local credits shall be based on successful completion of the course and shall be pass/fail credit only.
  3. If a required course, credit shall be based on an examination to be structured and supervised by Interstate 35 School District officials, and may be administered before or after travel is completed.  The grade shall be pass/fail.


Approved:  November 17, 1997

Revised/Reviewed:  November 25, 2019