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Code No. 207.1 Annual Board Meeting

Each year at a regular or special meeting held after August 31, but before the organizational meeting in odd-numbered years or the September regular meeting in even-numbered years, the Board will hold its annual meeting. 

At the annual meeting, the Board will examine the financial books and settle the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s statements for the fiscal year ending the preceding June 30 and transact such other business as may properly come before it.  As part of the annual reports, the Treasurer will present affidavits from depository banks.  Attendance shall be a waiver of notice.

The Board may also appoint the board’s legal counsel at the annual meeting.

In odd-numbered years, the annual meeting may be held in conjunction with the organizational meeting.


Approved:  February 18, 2002                                                          

Revised/Reviewed:  March 28, 2016