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Code No. 201.1 Organization of Board of Directors

The Interstate 35 Community School District board is authorized by and derives its organization from Iowa law.  The Board shall consist of five (5) board members.  The District shall be divided into four director districts as closely matched as possible by population as provided in Section 275.23A, Code of Iowa.  One director shall be elected from each director district.  One director shall be elected at large.  Nominated candidates for each director district shall be voted on by all the eligible voters of the entire district.

The Board is organized for the purpose of setting policy and providing general direction for the District.  The Board shall hold its organizational meeting in each odd-numbered year at the first regular meeting following the canvass of votes.  The retiring Board shall transfer materials, including the Board policy manual, and responsibility to the new Board.

The organizational meeting allows the outgoing Board to approve minutes of its previous meetings; complete unfinished business; and review the school election results.  The retiring Board shall adjourn and the new Board shall then begin.  The Board Secretary will administer the oath of office to the newly-elected Board members.  The Board Secretary will preside while the new Board elects the president and vice president of the new Board.


Approved:  September 15, 1997

Revised/Reviewed: March 28, 2016