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Code No. 206.4 Dissemination of Policy

A Board policy manual shall be housed in each school attendance center and in the central administration office.  Each board member shall have a personal copy of the board policy manual, either an electronic copy or a hard copy.  Persons wishing to review the board policy manual shall contact the Board Secretary, who shall have a Board policy manual available for public inspection, either with an electronic copy or a hard copy.

It shall be the responsibility of the Board Secretary to ensure copies of new and revised policy statements are distributed to the custodians of Board policy manuals as soon as possible following the policy’s adoption.  Copies of changes in Board policy shall also be included in or attached to the minutes of the meetings in which the final action was taken to adopt the new or changed policy.

It shall be the responsibility of each Board member, during the Board member’s term of office, to keep the manual current and up-to-date and to surrender the manual to the Board Secretary at the conclusion of the Board member’s term of office.


Approved:  September 15, 1997

Revised/Reviewed:  March 28, 2016