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Code No. 904.1 Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles

Transportation by Employees:

All employees may transport students in private vehicles if the need to transport is within the scope of the employee's employment or duties.  In the event of an accident, the employee is covered by the school district's liability insurance as provided in by law.  When a school district employee is driving a private vehicle for purposes such as a field trip, the employee is provided primary liability coverage under the District’s auto liability insurance provided the employee is acting within the scope of his/her delegated duties and authority.  This coverage does not extend to damage to the employee’s vehicle or loss of personal property of the employee driver.  This means that District insurance covers:  1) bodily injury to others; 2) damage to personal property of others.  Damage to employee driver’s vehicle is covered by the employee’s insurance.  Bodily injury to the employee is covered under the school district’s workers compensation insurance.

Transportation by Common Carriers:

Students may be transported through the use of buses, taxis or other common carriers.  The responsible administrator shall be expected to exercise judgment regarding the assignment of adult supervision.

Transportation by Adult Volunteers:

Upon authorization by the principal or other appropriate administrator, adult volunteers may be used to transport students on field trips or activity events in private vehicles.

Transportation by Students:

Students are prohibited from transporting other students.  Exceptions to this restriction may be approved by the superintendent.

Individuals, who are approved to drive a private vehicle under this regulation, shall be required to annually complete and sign a school volunteer driver statement confirming the following conditions are met:

  • Must have a current, valid and appropriate driver’s license or commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Must not be subject to any driver’s license suspension, revocation, cancellation, denial or bar and not have committed an offense or act which, either alone or with previous offenses or acts, could result in license suspension, revocation, cancellation, denial or bar.
  • Must have an appropriate child safety restraint for every student as required by applicable state or federal regulations.
  • Must possess proof of insurance for private vehicles used to transport school district students.
  • Must have the owner’s permission to operate the vehicle.

For the purpose of these guidelines, a private vehicle is defined as any motor vehicle that is not owned by the school district.  All completed school volunteer driver statements will be kept on file in the originating school office.


Approved:  March 15, 1999

Revised/Reviewed: November 25, 2019