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Code No. 405.2 Summer School Licensed Employees

It shall be within the discretion of the board to offer an education program during the summer recess.  Licensed employees who volunteer or who are appointed to deliver the summer education program shall be compensated in addition to their regular duties during the school academic year, unless such arrangements are made prior to determining the employee’s compensation for the year.

Should the board determine a summer education program is necessary, licensed employees shall be given the opportunity to volunteer for the positions available.  If the board determines a course must be offered and no licensed employee volunteers for the position, the board will make the necessary arrangements to fill the position.  The board will consider applications from volunteers of current licensed employees in conjunction with other applications.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation to the board regarding the need for and the delivery of the summer education program.


Approved:  November 17, 1997

Revised/Reviewed:  January 24, 2022