Code No. 502.12 Student Mask Use

The board recognizes the need to ensure students and staff are able to learn in a safe learning environment to the extent possible during a health crisis (ex. COVID-19 pandemic). A health crisis will be determined by the Board of Education and the Iowa Department of Health.   Therefore, students will be required to wear masks when in the building.  Exceptions may be made for extra-curricular activities and/or co-curricular activities as deemed appropriate in conjunction with the school and the Iowa Department of Public Health.  Additionally, medical and religious exemptions may be granted upon proper documentation as permitted by law.

Masks need to be worn correctly, covering a student’s mouth and nose at all times.  Teachers will designate mask break areas for students to use throughout the day. 

Violations of this mask policy, like violations of any other policy or handbook provision, will be enforced through the District’s discipline policy.  The initial violation will be a warning with a note to parents, second violation will be an office referral and third and subsequent violations will involve an out of school suspension from school and activities for five days for a policy violation and the student will be assigned to a remote learning placement while suspended.  The Board reserves the right to exercise its authority under state law to exclude a student for a longer period of time if the student’s conduct is deemed injurious to the health of other pupils.

This policy will be enacted and retracted by the Board of Education as needed.


1st Reading:  December 14, 2020

2nd Reading:  Feburay 1, 2021